Aiesha is bright, hard-working, reliable and dedicated to her craft. She is always looking for ways to improve herself and her work. It's always a pleasure working with her. 

Kim Hannel, Former Managing Editor, Indianapolis Monthly

Aiesha is an awesome person to work with. She is able to explain her concepts to both clients and colleagues using the language necessary for understanding and follow through. She is consistent and reliable. She has helped Melodic Connections build a positive rapport with the Cincinnati community. 

Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh, Executive Director, Melodic Connections

Aiesha is a dedicated writer and editor who pays attention to detail and makes the most of opportunities when they arise. She is smart, focused and hard-working. I highly recommend her. 

Elissa Yancey, Co-Founder, A Picture's Worth

Aiesha is a skilled communicator who brings wit, grace, and understanding to projects.

Linda Vaccariello, Former Executive Editor, Cincinnati Magazine

Aiesha is an excellent editor and writer. I worked with Aiesha when she was an editor at CDW's EdTech Magazine. She's an editor who provides clear direction in what she wants in a story. She is a team player who is very organized, which makes it easy to work with her. Since then, I've read her feature stories in Cincinnati Magazine -- and I am blown away by her prose. She is a solid editor and writer and any publication would be lucky to have her. 

Wylie Wong, Content Marketing Writer/Journalist

Aiesha is a tenacious, dedicated professional. In our time working together I was consistently impressed by her attention to detail, her organization skills -- particularly when multitasking, which she was always doing -- and above all, her ability to maintain a grip on reality over office politics. She would be an asset to any team lucky to be working with her.

Ward Whipple, Copywriter