Meandering Meals At Mala Hotpot

Having a hotpot dinner is not for people who don’t know or like each other. This ancient Chinese cooking method—which involves a boiling broth filled with an assortment of meats, noodles, and vegetables and dates back more than 1,000 years to the Zhao Dynasty—shouldn’t be used as a get-to-know-you experience such as a first date. It’s a slow-going process that requires time and patience, one that is best had with good friends or close family.

Local Foodie Heather Johnson Appears on Guy’s Grocery Games Tonight

When she appears on tonight’s episode of Guy’s Grocery Games, local foodie Heather Johnson will be able to check “appearing on Food Network” off of her bucket list. Johnson, who runs the website Food Hussy, joins three other “super fans” of restauranteur/GGG host Guy Fieri on the “Cooking the Books” episode, where they’ll have the chance to cook their favorite Fieri recipe for the man himself.
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